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Covid-19 and Thailand Drill market.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Covid-19 is a greatest pandemic the world ever face in 50 years. Over five millions populations is infected with over 300,000 deaths. It is believed to originate in Wuhan, China and now spread throughout every country. Lockdown the whole country is proved to be an effective method to deal with it. Some country can contain the situation, with minus 10 daily infection rate, and go for easing the lockdown while some decide to ease without good control of the virus. At the moment, border both air, land and sea are now in very tight control with very limit in/out activity is permitted. Social distance has greatly minimize an interaction within society. All shopping, dining, servicing, and traveling are in the lowest form. Western counties with lower saving tends to negatively effects most on this situation, with un-precendented low money circling while eastern counties gets lower effect on this due to higher saving and can sustain longer period. Real Estate market suffers badly from low confident level while foreign purchase also get shocked from this crisis.

As a result, consumption of mineral and rocks severely decline. Companies decides to delays on investment to wait and see. Public consumption is not available while only government spending has to focus on relieving their own people. Another issue is the logistics. With slower consumption, the freight/airline optimize its business to reflect demands by sending less shipment worldwide. Drill and its parts takes longer up to 2 times it's normal lead time. This greatly add the risk on the business.

Here at S.Suvit Trading Ltd., Parts, we thrive to make a best option for customer. We stock critical/ rare/ unavailable/OEM parts to suit current customer, to make the drill back to work ASAP. This parts includes Rexroth Uchida hydraulics pump, Hydraulic pump full overhaul kit, Drifter overhaul kit, Guide Rail, 6BG1/6BB/6BG1T, CAT 3126 HEUI Injector, CAT C7 HEUI Injector, CAT ECM, Drill Control Unit by Omron(DCU) and A/C Overhaul Kit. These parts are not available in Thailand and only reserved for our customer only, not available to outsider.

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