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Localization the drill: Worldwide Sourcing and Thailand Market.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hydraulics Rockdrill manufacture form countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Europe, and the United States. Each manufacturer offers different specifications to the target country. Furthermore, each country has its preferred brand based on current market situation.

United States prefers US brand drills such as Atlas Copco, while the EU chooses drill-like Tamrock. These countries prefer heavy-duty size machine. Their structure is gigantic and very heavy. Drills with cabin normally come with powerful engine with hp above 200 for its fast drilling performance; its prefer choice come with 300+hp. Also, the drills come with clean Diesel technology as required by the government. Tier 4 engines normally comes with EGR and Active/Passive cleaning filter such as Diesel Oxidation Catalyst(DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) or Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF). These treatment mechanisms add complexity to its engine and result in added maintenance. In addition, drills come with highly advance computer to controls and offer unprecedented diagnostics. These systems are complex with required proper care with trained technicians and periodic maintenance. These all factors cause the drill to run less efficiently than those from Asia which prefer lower complexity and lower duty engine and construction.

On the other hand, Asian countries prefer drills make by Asian's. The drill comes with Lighter construction, lower duty engine, and less advanced computer control. The main structure is smaller, and result in lower strength, but require lower power engine to run, and thus lower consumption; however, in my experience, cracks in its structure are very normal and expected. Small crack in its main part, such as boom, may cause catastrophic failure. Repairing requires specific skills and experience to ensure long-term durability. In addition, these drills come with minimal computer controls, normally design for safety purposes. For example, when the engine overheats, it stops the whole machine from running to prevent further damage. However, newer drill comes with advance computer, some come with touch screen with diagnostics; such as Furukawa HCR-1000DSIII. Its design is to serve as a safety device not truly full control and advance like drill from Europe and the US. For the emission aspect, a newer drill has an engine option for Tier 3 which lower maintenance cost and complexity. In summary, drill from Asean is considered easier to repairs and thus lower maintenance.

In conclusion, European/US and Asian drills have their specifics market proposition. EU and US prefer gigantic machine, bigger engine, tight emission control, and highly advanced computers. This results in higher energy consumption, stronger machine, but less durability due to its complexity, like an American muscle car. On the other hand, Asians prefer smaller machines, smaller engines, lower emission control, and less advanced computer. This causes low energy consumption, a vulnerable drill's strength, and better durability due to its simplicity, like Toyota. However, At S.Suvit Trading, we import drills from all over the world. Each machine has its own strength and weakness, and requires a specialized skill/experience. For example, it is normal to see a crack in the Boom, bent rod magazine, worn bearing in Air Compressor, and damaged track and it's bearing. Over 35+ years of experience, we thrive to deliver the highest quality with low total-cost-of-ownership to customers. All possible weaknesses must be observed and repairs to meet highest standards.

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